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Who We Are

Passion for Fitness

CrossFit Muharraq is a boutique fitness facility focused on delivering the highest quality CrossFit programming to deliver results.   Our aim is to build a community in Muharraq of healthy, happy and ridiculously fit individuals.

Our branding aims to build on the very strong, historical and cultural mascot of Muharraq sports "The Red Wolf". 

Fitness facility is built on a waterfront location with mesmerizing views of the Manama skyline.  Facility can be easily accessed from Muharraq as well as Diplomatic Area, Juffair, Adliya and Seef Area. 

CrossFit Muharraq was founded in 2020, by the founding wolf pack! Ali, Hesham and Khalid.  If you are not part of the pack already, we hope to welcome you very soon.

Who We Are: About
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